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Keep getting compliments for your home cooking? No one can match the size of your tool box? It's time to take your abilities to the next level!
You will not believe how many people around you will be happy to order from you and, unlike your friends, they will be willing to pay you for it! 

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Deals all around us

Care for a deep massage after a long day? How 'bout some fresh, home cooked food for the whole week? Yoga lessons? Or maybe some singing lessons?
Each moment we are surrounded by thousands of deals without even knowing it... And it's our neighbours that offer them! Come, choose yours now!

Who's already in? 

Born handy-woman. Need to hang that TV on the wall (dry-wall included), or assemble that Ikea cabinet? I'm your girl!
English lessons with a native speaker for any age. A few lessons with me and Ugotit!
Surfing lessons for any level? I got u!
20 years experience in Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and of course TLV!
Cooking is a passion of mine from a young age. Boxes for the whole week, or an intimate dinner for 2, anything goes. Talk to me!


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